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Wellness, Health and Beauty are three quintessential elements that Chi Wellness & Beauty focus on. Chi Wellness promotes Holistic Living and Holistic Health with the right approach. 

At Chi Wellness & Beauty, we believe the fundamental key towards happiness is all about owning a healthier body. Wellness and health is the backbone of our real inner and outer beauty. 


Chi Wellness promotes Healthy Living with ChiRunning, ChiWalking, CORE Guru and Triathlon Chi-training.

Chi Wellness also promotes living with abundance of negative ions.  We are the distributor of NEFFUL bedding and fashionable garments that uses high tech NEORON fiber that transmits negative static electricity when friction occurs.

We are committed to the missions of Chi Wellness & Beauty.


Chi Wellness Active Lifestyle


Master Coach Aaron Lew is Master ChiRunning & ChiWalking instructor and triathlon coach. Aaron is also a Garmin Coach and Rudy Project Singapore Ambassador. He coaches ChiRunning/ChiWalking, CORE Guru Fitness and Triathlon Chi-Training.

Join Master Coach Aaron Lew for a personalised training today!

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Chi Wellness For Family and Loved Ones


Chi Wellness promotes living with abundance of negative ions.  We are the distributer of NEFFUL bedding, fashionable garments, undergarments and accessories that make use of innovative material (NEORON®) that transmits negative static electricity (negative ions) when friction occurs.  The negative ions are our allies to achieve Wellness and Health. 

We are able to customise fashionable Negative Ion Clothing and accessories that can blend into your holistic health lifestyle. Find out why we choose NEFFUL here.

Drop us a line to find out more about NEFFUL. We are happy to share more with you! We welcome new partners to join us in NEFFUL.

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