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Aaron’s Gear

Aaron's Gear

I am honored to be working with partners that produce the best-in-class products. These brands and the people working behind it are incredibly supportive and generous supporting of my Chi Wellness’s Mission to make you living with an abundance of health and wellness.

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My partners at Rudy Project makes the best performance eye wears and helmets in the industry with great comfort and provide the highest safety standard.  Rudy Polar 3FX, ImpactX Photochromic (unbreakable transition lenses) and multilaser lenses have high visual features that filter harmful UV rays and glares.  My active choice is Rudy top of the line – Tralyx. I have combined Rudy Tralyx into my Chi-Immersion Program.

Rudy’s helmets are designed to be lightweight, rigid, wind tunnel tested and blended with integrated air frame.  My favourite pick of Rudy’s helmet will be the Sterling that is lightweight and allows the sunglasses to be mounted on the helmet.  Choose a Rudy glasses with the helmet, and you will be good to go!


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Garmin is the most popular Heart Rate Monitor and GPS devices in the running, cycling, triathlon and adventure sports community. Garmin devices record heart rate data and running/cycling/swimming metrics (speed, cadence, stroke count, etc.), it’s Running Form Analysis and Training Effectiveness programmed into the device has helped me to coach my athletes better and yield better results. My favorite model is the Forerunner 645 Music GPS wrist watch that I have combined the use of it into my Chi-Immersion Program. I am sure you will find Garmin a great tool in your training.


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