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Aaron has coached many types of active persons with different skills and background. Each success has a story/challenges behind it and we are proud to share this success stories with you!


Unbelievable IPPT Gold Run!

Triathlete, Filbert, scored GOLD in IPPT.

Triathlete Filbert was unable to set a mark in his IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) for the last 5 years due to injury. He was determined and Chi-trained with Aaron to win the IPPT Gold eventually. Watch the video that shares his personal IPPT victory!


Inspiring Marathon Success

Gavin Wellington – Australian Marathoner

6 Weeks Before Run In Pain, 6 Weeks Later A Marathoner!

Australian Gavin Wellington joined Coach Aaron to train for his first Gold Coast Marathon. He had injuries before joining Aaron, Coach Aaron had helped him to improve his run technique and designed a 6 weeks program. Gavin ran his first marathon happily in 4hours 25 minutes. Bravo!


Chris Bedsole – CB&I, Director of Operations, United States

“ChiRunning transformed my life by allowing me, at 53 years old, to run pain-free.

Aaron’s mentorship and professional approach to teaching this technique made the entire experience a true pleasure.  Aaron consistently provided great encouragement and his exceptional knowledge about the body and how it works allowed all of the students in his ChiRunning class to reach the potential we never imagined possible.  Because of the lessons, I have learned from “Dr. Lew”, the best days of my life still lie ahead.”


Elite shuttler running transformation.

Marlene is an elite shuttler, ran 6ks and had injuries before joining Aaron. With proper coaching, she ran 18km longer in training and completed a half marathon leaner, stronger and happier. She is going for her first full marathon with Aaron’s coaching.


Sylvia Saw McKaige – Business Executive’s Transformation

Sylvia Saw McKaige is a busy executive who always travel for work. She ran 12ks and running is never her cup of tea…She joined Aaron, in 6 months she had completed a half marathon, a 29029 ft hiking event (Vermont 29029) and a full marathon. It is a big achievement for Sylvia! Bravo!


 Hayley Chandler – Australian triathlete training for IM70.3 World Championship

Hayley uses ChiRunning to train for IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2018!


Jerry Seah – SNEF, Director, Singapore

Jerry is a seasoned IRONMAN and did running races since 2001. He joined Aaron for training, with proper guidance, he made a breakthrough by placing second in his age-group in Challenge Family 70.3 2019 in Vietnam. He has qualified for Challenge Family World Championship 2020! https://www.challenge-family.com/races/

Read what Jerry shares…
“As a vivid athlete taking part in ironman and running races since 2001, I’ve always been looking at ways to improve my performance. I decided to sign up for Chi running (with Aaron) and it was a good decision. I am more aware of my running technique from head to toes. The Chi walking/running has helped correct some of my bad habits and improve my running form to be more efficient to prevent fatigue.”


Mandy – Indonesian triathlete podiumed in triathlon

Young Mandy did her PB in Bali Triathlon, shaving 21 minutes in her triathlon after learning ChiRunning!


Misty – Indonesian Spartan Racer podiumed in Bali triathlon

Misty did her PB in Bali Triathlon after learning ChiRunning!


Misty Rocked in Spartan Sprint.

The Chi Running course really helped me to run without pain, and it also helped me to discover the joy of running. Through the course I learned how to run injury-free, and how to relax and yet be in control during a run. Coach Aaron gave me a detailed analysis and plan for my upcoming Spartan Race, so I could do my run with more confidence and ease. I completed my Sprint under the 60 minutes, and I believe my run has enabled me to do so. Thank you Coach Aaron for introducing me to ChiRunning.”


Robert (picture left) happily received a graduation certificate from Aaron.

Watch Robert’s transformation from walking in PAIN to RUNNING on track!

“Love you, you change my life.  I listen.

I don’t hurt when I walk now.”

Robert Martin – CB&I, Senior Commissioning Specialist, United States

Aaron has transformed Robert, age 63, from walking in pain to running on track in 8 weeks. He runs and walks WITHOUT pain now.


Jonathan Mills trains with Aaron (picture right)


Jonathan having a relaxed training run.

“This was the first time that I attended a running workshop, but I found Aaron is excellent, professional and learnt from the workshop. Aaron has really taught me how to run more efficiently and to avoid injury. I have done only one workshop with Aaron, and will do more with him by using his services.”

Jonathan Mills – RCI, Managing Director, Asia Pacific


Joyce Leong (picture right) trains with Aaron.

Watch Joyce’s run technique improved in one day with Aaron’s coaching!

Joyce Leong – An Injured Runner Found The New Drive To Run Again!

63 years old Joyce is a cyclist who hasn’t run for the last 12 years due to injuries. She joins Aaron to find back her old running-self…Coach Aaron is combining the Chi Technique with Garmin HRM to help Joyce prepare for her coming 10k. Chi training rock!


Kania Sukotjo has obvious weight loss after training with Aaron.


Kania receives a graduation certificate (top) and training hard with her peers (bottom).

Chi-Transformation In 4 Weeks!

Kania has issues finding the right weight program to fit into her lifestyle before joining Aaron. She finally joined Coach Aaron with a structured 4 weeks Chi program. She had remarkable weight loss in 4 weeks and managed to find a new Chi-self with heightened self-confidence and better focus under Aaron’s coaching. Bravo!

Misty shares ChiRunning is an easy and good technique to learn.

Medical rehabilitation Dr. Ronald encourages using ChiRunning technique to run!

Unbelievable IPPT Gold Run!

Joyce (cyclist) running technique improved in just one day!

Injured Runner Inspiring Marathon Achievement


Tell us a little about you. Where you live, what your background is. What (if) you do in addition to being a Certified Instructor.

I am Lew Seng Leong (Aaron).  I live in Singapore. I am a Certifying Master ChiRunning & ChiWalking Instructor, a Garmin Coach and a Life Coach/Motivational Speaker.  My athletic background is in multi-sports racing and coaching, now I am mainly coaching ChiRunning & ChiWalking. I have raced every distance from 5k to ultras, triathlons, IRONMAN to adventure racings.

How did you start running? 

I started running to build up my aerobic fitness for competitive volley ball games when I was a teenager.

When and how did ChiRunning come into your life? (The short story.) 

I knew ChiRunning in the early 2000 when I raced competitively in triathlons and adventure racings through a Total Immersion (TI) swimming coach. Back then, running efficiently with good technique was never that important so to speak, for most of the competitive athletes around me.

I am fascinated by ChiRunning that stresses running with the pull of gravity with strong core muscles rather than depending on the leg muscles to run.  I managed to get hold of ChiRunning DVDs, audios and books, then the rest is history…

In what ways has Chi changed your perception of and success in running? 

The idea of running simply by moving the Dantien forward in great posture is amazing! Knowing the deep potentials and practical use of our core muscles such as the active/passive pelvic rotation to run faster has been an eye-opening experience for me too.   

In addition, chi also maximize the use of our bone structure (the strongest components in our body) when carry out a weight bearing exercises like running.  The midfoot striking pattern and the vertical and directional alignment of chi is so fundamentally right with human body in the sport of long distance running.  

With an understandings of the ChiRunning principles, I find a true pleasure in every steps that I run!

What do you think is the biggest misconception of ChiRunning? 

ChiRunning may be is only for the older generation/seniors or the injured runners. 

What motivates you to run? 

I run because it gives me a sense of FREEDOM and helps me to stay fit.

What achievements are you most proud of? 

I am proud to change the life of a senior (in his 60s) who never run, from walking with hip pain to running on track in 8 weeks. 

I am also proud to coach a runner in his 20s, from failing IPPT (for a few times) to clinching a GOLD AWARD in his IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) as part of his National Service obligation in Singapore.

What led you to become an instructor?

I like to share the joy of ChiRunning and help all liked minded people to sustain and achieve their goals with good running and walking technique.

Why do you enjoy being an instructor, and how has it affected your life?

I enjoy being connected to people as an instructor.  I learn to speak, organize and having the confidence to coach people with different backgrounds.  Coaching has broadened up my horizon.

What does your average week look like, run-wise?

I run typically 25-30km a week.  Most runs are after office hours, running home with my camelbak.  I am doing once a week 20-30 minutes barefoot run on a green field with gentle hills on it.

What other forms of exercise do you practice to compliment ChiRunning?

I am doing functional training and core exercises regularly. 

Advice for people new to Chi Running?

ChiRunning is a life long learning process.  New ChiRunner needs to learn to relax and give themselves time to build up good habit.

Short answer! Okay, GO. 

Favorite race you’ve run and why:  Standard Chartered Marathon.  It is a well organized race that is held every year around December. This is the last race of a season, I get to run together with a few close buds, pacing each other, afterwards I can relax a little before the next season begins! 

Most memorable race:  Mountain running and adventure racings in China with top class athletes all around the world in the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest in 1999 and 2001.

Ideal weather for running:  Cool 18-20 degree celcius, running in the mountain.

Focus that currently dominates your running: Lift the Crown of Head, Move The Dantien

Favorite place to run:  Barefoot runs on a big green field with some small hills.

Go-to before race food: Coffee and bread

Celebratory food after:  Fish porridge with milk tea

Upcoming race/goal: I like to help more people to find the joy of running with ChiRunning

Run with or without phone/music: Occasionally running with music 

Repeat on your playlist:

iTunes Songs of the Summer (mixture of pop, dance and R&B hits)


Fill in the blank. 

If I didn’t run I hang around with my kids.

I can’t run without thinking about Lifting the Crown of Head and Lead The Move With Dantien. 

My first race was _a 10km cross country run in the neighborhood of where I grow up and I start to realize I can do long distance running!.

My current favorite shoe to run in is _New Balance Zero Drop with Vibram sole

My most difficult run ever was _42km Ironman run. 

I’ve ran lost count marathons/races.

The longest distance I’ve ran 50km ultra trail running challenge . Where?  The North Face Trail Running Challenge 2012, Singapore





项国寜 – Managing Director, United Daily News, TAIWAN




Gavin Wellington – Australian Marathoner

六星期前伤跑不动,六星期后征服全马! 澳洲长跑爱好者,加文.惠灵顿,因训练不当拉伤了大腿肌肉。他参与柳教练的Chi-Training训练,用了六个星期来修改跑姿和练习,他成功的以四小时二十五分跑完了他的第一个马拉松!太棒了!请看看他分享经历的视频。





Training Manager, Vigor Athletic Performance Training Center, TAIWAN


Inspiring story of an injured runner ran a marathon with 6 weeks Chi training


“Love you, you change my life. I listen. I don’t hurt when I walk now.” Robert Martin, United States


“Because of the lessons I learned from “Dr. Lew”(Aaron), the best days of my life still lie ahead.” Chris Bedsole, United States


“Thank you for the guidance, I came in 2nd in my age group and qualify for IM70.3 World Championship. Minus the 15 professionals, I am in 15th position overall!” Jerry Seah, Singapore

(Click the photo to see video)

Ken Williams shares his experience in Chi-Immersion Program

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