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Why choose NEFFUL?


Live our life with NEORON®.

Why Use NEORON®.

NEFFUL exclusive new fiber, NEORON , produced with precise technology in Japan.

The new fiber “NEORON” was invented exclusively for Nefful by Teiken Limited.  Neoron creates better material blends for better products.  Neoron fiber is made from most of the same materials as Teviron and retains all of its features.

Neoron and TEVIRON has the same superior qualities:-

  • Generates Negative Static Electricity
  • Superb Heat Insulation
  • Superior Moisture Permeability
  • Excellent Flame Retandancy

Neoron is using simple product code with the following categories:

AS – Accessories

BI – Bedding Items

LS – Legwear and Socks

UW- Underwear

SG – Support Goods

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