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About ChiRunning

About ChiRunning / 气功跑步




Why running is the best exercise for you?

Running is a safe and effective way to get (and stay) fit at any age. Running is an aerobic activity that helps to reduce our daily stresses and depression, helping us to keep our body fit and build up our self-esteem and well-being. Running helps to boost up our immune system and burn excess calories in our body.

Running can be done easily, you carry out the activity with only a pair of running shoes with the associated running apparels. You can run on the road, on the trail, combine walking and running as part of your running program.

What is ChiRunning? What ChiRunning can do for you?

ChiRunning combines the movement principles of T’ai Chi in running that shift the workload towards the core muscles with good postural alignment and body relaxation; running with the pull of Gravity without using the leg muscles. This increase running efficiency and reduce running injuries significantly. This is the main reason why you need to learn ChiRunning.

Read how ChiRunning can help you run longer, faster and without injuries.

What is ChiWalking?

ChiWalking can be movement approach for the elderly, overweight people, injured runner for some cases (see disclaimer), people under rehab program or simply older people who are having problems moving around. 

ChiWalking movement applies the same philosophy of ChiRunning.  ChiWalking improves your posture and strengthen all of your crucial core muscles and provide you a technique to train your cardio and aerobic fitness. ChiWalking helps all kinds of walking from simple outdoor hikes to demanding marathons or IRONMAN events where you can combine ChiWalk-Run in the events.  It can be a good active recovery exercise too.

What is the immediate thing that I can feel after learning ChiRunning for a month?

ChiRunning shift the workload towards the core muscles instead of using our leg muscles to run.  Gravity is used to propel you forward instead of you pushing your legs to run.  After a month of structured training, you can run easier, longer, faster as you’d like and recover faster for your next run.

Contact us for Level 1 – 4 Weeks Chi-Immersion Program here.

What is the risk in conventional running (power running) method versus ChiRunning?

Conventional running (power running) is employed by the majority of runners with the common goal of running faster with the body upright.  Power runners run with the BODY UPRIGHT, pushing the legs to run and land heavily on the heel.  This is the root of pain and injuries!  Running upright prompts the leg to swing like a pendulum, locking the knee and letting one’s body weight to fall heavily on the heels. This creates heavy impact to the body when the legs hit the ground.  The impact will create injuries and reduces the lifespan of power runner.

ChiRunning, on the other hand, helps you to run efficiently, making your running injury-free.  ChiRunning teaches running with strong core and relax body which reduces overuse and impact injuries.  The focus is on keeping our body works with the force that is acting on our body as we run. This Holistic Approach reduces running impact on our body, helping us to enjoy and sustain our running interest for a long time and avoid burning out.

Illustration below gives an idea of conventional running (heel striker) versus ChiRunning.

Illustration 1: Conventional Running (Power Running) Versus ChiRunning

Is ChiRunning and ChiWalking for everyone?

It is for everyone! I have a mixture of runners in my lessons, from teenagers, NSmen, to co-operate executives who has nagging pain and weight issues.  From a first-time marathoners, to seasoned runners.  I have also coached podium triathletes and IM70.3 World Championship qualifier.  From an injured runner to achieving IPPT Gold. From ten-plus-something to sixty something and beyond.

Who is the prominent world class athlete endorsing ChiRunning?

ChiRunning Master Instructor from Irelands, Catherina McKiernan, is the Irish marathon record holder.  She had won the Amsterdam marathon in 1998 with a time of 2 hours 22 minutes and 23 seconds.  She had also won the London marathon in 1998 and the Berlin marathon in 1997, her debut marathon.

How to reap the most benefits and get exponential results in ChiRunning?

Improvement will be faster if the runners run with good technique with a structured program at the appropriate heart rate intensity.  

Coach Aaron is a Garmin Coach and offers Chi-Immersion Program, Video Analysis and Personalised Training to help students to learn better and achieve their running goals.

Find out what we offer here or contact us to start a conversation now.

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Coach Aaron (front left) teamed up with ChiRunning Founder (Danny Dreyer) during a Chi lesson.


Aaron is with Danny Dreyer.

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