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Negative Ion Benefits

Chi Wellness promotes Holistic Health with the negative ions with NEFFUL clothing and bedding. Negative ions can be absorbed through skin and mucous membranes, in the blood stream and in the lungs.

Key benefits of negative ions:-

  • Boost human immunity towards diseases

  • Improve blood circulation and cell activities

  • Revitalise cells

  • Has effects for the seven (7) human body system

  • Reduce the risks of diseases

  • Neutralize bad positive ion (due to air pollution, etc)

  • Help to discharge large amount of carbon dioxide from our body

  • Increase oxygen capacity of cells

  • Helping the heart to restore to normal heart beat

  • Maintain normal blood pressure and so on…


Breath Smoothly, Remove Tiredness

Negative ions improve the nervous system that allows us to breathe easier and smoothly.

Negative ions regulate the flow of oxygen to the brain, this results in higher alertness, relieve tension and fatigue.


Blood Circulation

Negative ions can rejuvenate cells, ensure nutrients and oxygen is delivered within cell membrane.  It helps to discharge waste and increase cell metabolism.  This speed up the recovery of any wounds, operations, sports training, etc.


Anti Aging, Vibrant Look

Human ages due to oxidation of cells and free radicals. Negative ions are anti oxidation agent that helps to eliminate damaging effects of free radical in our body. Negative ions rejuvenate and revitalise cells. It makes human looks better and younger!


Boost Immune System Against Diseases

Negative ion boost the immune system which protects our body.  You live stronger against diseases.


Improve sleep quality

Negative ions improve our nervous and hormone system.  This helps us to sleep better.


Sciatica, Joint Pain

Negative ions promote blood circulation and improve discomfort from the nerves and blood vessels.


Alkaline Blood Eliminate Acidic Body

Cancer and diseases grow in acidic environment.  Negative ions help to restore blood calcium levels to return to normal level.

The blood will be more alkaline.


Liver, Kidney Functions, Uric Acid

Negative ions increase calcium levels in the blood, neutralize acidity and prevent uric acid and gout.


Blood Pressure

Negative ion help blood pressure to return to normal level.


Menstrual Pain, Menopausal Symtoms

Negative ions can regulate nerve system, normalize hormone secretion and relieve uterine pain. It rejuvenates cellular and endocrine functions, and help to regulate menopausal symptoms.


Improve Heart Beat, Cardiovascular Conditions

Negative ions help to dilate the coronary artery, excrete excess lipds/ cholestrol, this increase coronary blood flow and improve our heart beat


Strengthen Bones

Negative ions increase calcium levels in the blood, this will increase the calcium storage in the bones, therefore it strenthens bones.

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