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What is Negative Ion?

Negative Ion has been recognized as “the vitamin of the air” due to its health benefits to human being.  To fully understand the Ion Terminology, we must understand what are atoms.  Atoms are the basic building blocks of everything, from a solid object to human beings.  Atoms can lose or gain electrons and can bond with other atoms to create molecules.  The core of an atom is called nucleus.“Ions” are atoms that have electrical charge. Ions are floating in the air around us all the time.  When an atom or molecule is neutral, the number of protons (positive) and electrons (negative) is equal. However, when the number of  protons and elecrons are not the same, it becomes an ion that is either positively or negatively charged.  When ions gain an electron, it is called Anion.  When ions lose an electron, they became positive ion, it is called Cation (oxidation).


The CORE of an atom is called Nucleus.  It is illustrated in orange colour.The smaller bits that whirl around the core of an atom is electron.

Molecules is a structure formed by atoms.Water molecules is one of the most easily ionized molecules.  In environment with abundant water molecules such as waterfall, negative ion exists as negatively charged water molecules.  Natural negative ions can be found in abundance around waterfalls, mountains, forest, streams, after rain and thunderstorms.Ions in the air can be divided into small, medium and large ions categories.  Only the small ions are small enough and biological active that the can penetrate through human body to result in health effect.

How is Negative Ion Produced?


Ions can be generated in three (3) common ways:

  1. Water impact./splashing during rain and thunder storm (waterfall and sea waves)
  2. Clouds after rain
  3. Plants that carry out photosynthesis

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible.  Under this natural phenomenon, negative ions are created and diminished continuously, maintaining at a dynamic balance state.​

Negative Ion Concentration in Different Environments

The risk of disease can be greatly reduced by breathing in fresh air filled with negative ions.Negative ion has been used as an important indicator for air and environment quality.


Forest & Water Falls

100,000 – 500,000 Neg Ions/cm3

Provide natural healing power


Parks in Cities

1000 – 2000 Neg Ions/cm3

Maintain basic health


Mountain & Seashores

50,000 – 100,000 Neg Ions/cm3

Antimicrobial effect, reduce infectious diseases


City Room & Offices

40 – 50 Neg Ions/cm3

Induce respiratory diseases


Breezy Country Meadow

5000 – 50,000  Neg Ions/cm3

Increase body immunity


Industrial Area

0 Neg Ions/cm3

Induces the formation of a variety of diseases

We Need Negative Ion Now!!!Rapid social development leads to environmental pollution.  The whole environment is full of positive ions!  Use a microwave oven? It will generate 4800 / cc positive ions, a gas stove will increase 3000 / cc positive ions; so too vehicle smoke, factory operations produce positive ions.  Positive ions causes body tissue acidity (oxidation), leading to aging, diseases, cancer, physical weakness, menopausal disorders, rheumatism, shoulder pain, headache, etc.According to World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 2 million people died prematurely from illnesses to air pollution.

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